Rewrite the story of child welfare for years to come.

Rewrite the story of child welfare for years to come. image


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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Help us finish year 2022 by raising $22,000! Your donation goes directly to expand our programs, services, and resources that serve vulnerable children and families in our community. Every dollar will be matched by a generous, anonymous donor!

Day by day and month by month, we are so encouraged by the growth and momentum we see as more community members and churches enter the story of child welfare. Take a look at just some of the stories from the past year and read a letter from our Founding Director, Ally Christianson.

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Dear Hope 1312 Collective family,

No doubt during this season, you're seeing year-end giving campaigns pop up on your feeds and in your inboxes. In years past, we've seen incredible donors show up time and again to give and support us up to the very last hour of the year. It's really unbelievable when I look back and see how far we've come.

I've been thinking a lot about how to close out 2022. If you have journeyed with Hope 1312 Collective for any amount of time, I think you know that our heart is about what God is doing within the child welfare system. We never want to be about what we want, but only what He wants us to do...

When we talk about a “year-end giving campaign,” it’s really tempting to look at it from a worldly standpoint, but as an organization, we've said since day one that we would never let money drive us. It’s one of the reasons why we don’t apply or accept state and federal funds. Our true ask is for more of the The Lord in this daily work, and it starts with Him making us gracious stewards of His resources. Your role as a faithful donor is just one of the tools that God uses to do His work. I've witnessed firsthand how He uses your generosity and transforms children and families stories.

This year has been an incredibly humbling year. There have been very hard days. There are still so many longings that are unfulfilled and hope that is being deferred, and yet I'm comforted by His word that tells us this will continue to happen this side of eternity. As the leader of this organization, I have also seen God move in ways that I never even fathomed. Hope is fulfilled time and again through people entering the story of child welfare. I am so encouraged because isn’t this also what His word tells us will happen when we partner with His Holy Spirit?

As we all close out 2022, I want to share these unfathomable things that were never part of a strategic plan or organizational model…these are God's stories filled with Hope and expressed through people right here in our community.

Isn’t that Christmas? God multiplying His story over and over again. I hope you will join us as we journey through this season and see the story of Christmas through the eyes of the most vulnerable…see what happens when the lowly meet the magnificent and His power comes here on earth in the most unlikely ways and through the most humbling circumstances. It’s glory after glory and light after light. Hope upon hope.

May these words stir your heart towards cheerful generosity and remind you He is the author of all that is to come!

Rejoicing in Hope,

Ally Christianson

Founding Director, Hope 1312 Collective