Help us end 2020 by raising $25k to fill our budget with HOPE image

Help us end 2020 by raising $25k to fill our budget with HOPE

Through the generosity of a local donor your dollar will be doubled until the end of the year!

$61,580 raised

$25,000 goal

/ 150


We have experienced so much growth and goodness this past year, even in spite of all the chaos, isolation, hurt, and confusion that was 2020. His heart for the vulnerable has shown all the more clearly and we remain certain that He desires to rewrite the story of child welfare here in our area. Our partner churches and community members have been tremendous vessels for Hope this past year, but we are just getting started. We feel God moving us from a season of rapid ramping up into a season of steadfast sustainability. This is a long work and so your gift at the end of 2020 will help position us for sustainable growth including an expansion of our trauma informed services and trainings, further equipping of our volunteers leading our programs, continued cross sector engagement in the child welfare system at large, and ultimately the ability to reach increasing numbers of children who have yet to have a tangible encounter with Hope. We cannot stress enough that, Hope 1312 Collective cannot exist without people like you choosing to enter the story. This is our community and our children....what is the story that we will one day answer for?